Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project

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Cycling / Pedestrian

A key goal of the PMH1 Project is to improve cycling connections throughout Metro Vancouver. Cycling facilities will be included as part of the interchange upgrades to increase opportunities for cyclists to cross the highway, to enhance connections to the regional cycling network and to provide access over the Port Mann Bridge.

The Gateway Program provides for an estimated $50 million in pedestrian and cycling improvements. This will represent the largest single investment in cycling infrastructure in the region.

Cycling/Pedestrian Improvement Highlights

Construction of pedestrian and cycling facilities in conjunction with infrastructure improvements along the three Gateway corridors, to connect with existing cycling routes and provide more north-south access over Highway 1.

Funding for further enhancements to adjacent municipal cycling facilities and networks, on a cost-shared basis, to complement the identified corridor improvements.

completed cycling improvements

As work on the PMH1 Project progresses, some of the cycling improvements are now available for use, including multi-use paths on the following overpasses:

  • Willingondon Avenue
  • Kensington Avenue
  • King Edward Street
  • 152 Street
  • 156 Street
  • 160 Street
  • Barnston Drive
  • 176 Street

Improvements on Lougheed Highway eastbound by Cape Horn are also complete.

For more detailed information, please visit the relevant community page.

Port Mann Bridge and Related Cycling Connections

Once complete, the new 10-lane Port Mann Bridge will include a barrier-separated three-metre-wide cycling and pedestrian path located on the east side of the new bridge.  

The bridge multi-use path will connect to United Boulevard and Lougheed Highway in Coquitlam, and to 112 Street in Surrey via a new path along the top of the Johnston Hill on the north side of Highway 1. The path will continue through to 112 Avenue, with a 3.5-metre-wide crossing over Highway 1 to connect to Robin Park.

The new path system will provide safe and convenient access for commuter and recreational cyclists travelling between Surrey and Coquitlam as well as for local cyclists travelling between Fraser Heights and Guildford.